Revamping Me For You, Manga Madness, and Writing Tips You’ll Savor

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As part of the blogging experience, I believe in sharing the Good News of writing and publishing. But first things first…

Really soon I will be revamping my About Me page really soon to truly reflect what this blog is all about. Secondly, I will be reviewing  manga on this blog as well. For anyone who don’t know me, reading manga and watching Japanese Animations has become a serious(but safe) addiction for me since 2006. So along with the beautiful Self Help books, Christian books, and Spec/Fic, there will be some colorful graphic novels available to glean as well. Yay!

Next order of business. I was traveling to a country called BlogSpace and came across Tori Chase’s blog Called Tori’s Lounge, and thank God for this blogger because she has posted a healthy recap of the ACFW conference and some writing tips she has learned. In fact, what impressed me were the Things You Must  Do In the First 50 Pages of a novel. Please visit Tori’s blog page for this helpful tip.

If you are writing for Nanowrimo this year,  then you know this is good stuff 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Revamping Me For You, Manga Madness, and Writing Tips You’ll Savor

  1. Aww, thank you for the kind words E.J.! And thank you for shouting out my blog! Yes, Jeff Gerke gave some great tips and I’m happy to pass them along. I’m participating in NaNoEdiMo (my version of NaNoEdMo just in November, haha).

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