Tracking An Author…NANOWRIMO May Save the Day, What Are You Doing to Prepare?

It has taken me several seconds, minutes, several hours ,several days, several months to finally get to the end of October as I know it. Have I been writing? Certainly. But writing two kinds of genre at once may not be so smart.

My new short book of poetry will be due out either in Winter 2011/Spring 2012 or perhaps more specifically- December 2011 if all things go well.

Meanwhile, I still have fiction in place in my mind. It bites my dreams and visions throughout the day with music I hear, poetry I read, and meandering thoughts. Nanowrimo begins in 8 days and so here are some things I have been doing to prep for this moment. Nanowrimo comming up is just the kick I may need.

  • I took my notebooks and scrap sheets of story notes and have put them together/collated them into neat piles of “What-if” to further my story.
  • I began early research…nothing major just a bit of research to help me along the way when actually begin to write November 1st.
  • Get proper rest, relax wrists, don’t strain eyes too much..I need these things come November.
  • Pray.

What have you been doing to prepare for Nanowrimo? I’d love to hear some thoughts!


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