‘Out of a Far Country’ is a Biography Worth Reading…With Some Warning

Out of a Far Country by The Yuans

Christopher Yuan was a son who was lost as his mother tried desperately to cling to a hope that appears it isn’t there. The challenge is that Christopher Yuan’s gay and his mother seems to have lost hope in a marriage which has lost its life. Who can they turn to now?

Before choosing this book I had to really look inside myself. Why will I read this book? How does it pertain to my life? Earlier this year I reviewed Mark Yarhouse’s  book Homosexuality and the Christian and even that was an eyeopener for me. Even as a heterosexual there is brokeness and sin in everyone. So while reading Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son’s Journey to God. A Broken Mother’s Search for Hope.""‘Out of a Far Country’ I especially wanted to cry as Angela Yuan told her side of the story in subsequent chapters full of tears and hope for her marriage and for her youngest son Christopher Yuan. They are Chinese American and live in Chicago while her husband practices dentistry in his own offices she runs the business to keep it smooth and flowing. Christopher on the other hand is working on getting his dentist license however, his feelings of lust for other men grew and he fell in love with another idol…Ecstasy.

I suppose you’re wondering: What in the world happened with them? Well read Luke 15:22 in your Holy Bible and be prayerful while you do that and as you read this amazing book.

There is one warning though- as with any memoir, a testimony has glitter and grit. This book has not held back the reins of truth. Christopher’s experience with other men, jail, and his mother’s own dark past comes up and it was all while my heart broke from them. But if you know God, you know he can saves all no matter the sin or fault.

*This book was recieved from WaterBrook Multnomah for my unbiased opinion.


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