She Went From Street Pauper To His Lady in ‘The Homeless Heiress’

Harlequin Historical

Georgie is on the run, in disguise as a boy and is forced to steal. She ends up stealing from the wrong man-Captain Richard Hernshaw.*

Richard Hernshaw is a dedicated and highly respected man who is taken back from this little “urchin” who tried to steal from him, but once he learns the pauper’s true identity, can he let go?

Anne Herries has written a lovely, Regency novel. I bought this book last year around this time but my To Be Read pile has filled up so quickly that it was overshadowed by other books to review. However, this book was a quick two day read for me and the description of settings during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, the ladies’ wear of pantaloons and bangles and frilled dresses, and even how the men talked(their dialect) was truly a reader’s delight.

I believe the best premise for this story was beginning with Georgie in boy’s clothing. Captain Hernshaw knew then something was wrong because even in street clothing, there was a “delicacy” about Georgie that he couldn’t place. It was almost comical how he fell for her harder wearing a cap and pants, and wanted her more. It goes to show that a woman is a woman no matter what.

I would definitely recommend this author to anyone. I purchased the book from eharlequin. or head over to Amazon to purchase The Homeless Heiress""

You can visit the author at:

*Taken from blurb in back of the book(with some summarization).


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