Creating Your Fanfiction-From the Inside Out Part 3

Fanfiction captures the wind and the awe of sharing what we love most…

The last two posts: How to Create the Ideal Fanfiction and the History of Fanfiction were just basic starting points on what fanfiction really is and how to begin to write it.

I hope this post doesn’t end up being as long as my arms but I promise to get to the nitty grits of whats happening as you’re writing fanfiction.

As I stated in one of my earlier posts, writing fanfiction is an art and it requires unconventional methods.

You need not have an MFA  to do this or be the best, grammatical writer there is. People simply want to hear your version of the story. That’s it.

Without further Ado, here are some things to consider while writing your FF:

  1.  You could just write off the top of your head or the “seat of your pants”. A notebook is still handy at times to keep straight with character names and such. Hint: I visit wikia to find great information on character backgrounds. Dragon Ball Z has one and Twilight!
  2. If you’ve been really enthralled with a show/book, sometimes your writing will sound authentic. I can’t really explain this but after reading, thinking, and having visions of my stories, many commenters stated I actually sounded like the orignal author…this can be good and bad. Good because I am on the right track, bad because as a writer you want to achieve your own voice.
  3. Make time. But don’t strain or stress yourself out. I have a fanfiction out right now that has been on pause for more than three years! Research, business, education..all of these stop me from writing sometimes. So, when I do pick it back up I add a little note at the beginning or end of my FF stating: “Sorry I was gone for so long…” Something to that effect.

More Technical Issues

  • Write using MS Word. This seems easiest for me. If you do not have it, offers other routes you can take. I find this the cleanest way possible to Save and Upload documents.
  • Label chapters clearly. If you are like me, then having a long running FF needs to be strategically organized and you’ll thank yourself later for this.
  • Promoting Your Work:  Well this is a hard and unique problem for Fanfic writers. Number one– the work is not ours to distribute and get money for so the best bet is just to reign as a popular writer online. You can do this by politely asking for readers to R/R or “Read and Review” your work to see how you are doing. This can be placed at the foot of your story or beginning, although the footer is appropriate. Secondly, make sure you have a nifty profile with your pic or some other image there. Mention your writing experience, education, other networks you are associate with, etc. Start Tweeting, Facebooking, blogging your stories for others to read.
  • Share other Links: Linking=Love, so if you want others to read and review your works, it would be generous to read and review theirs as well as share their stories. I find this to be most effective.

*Have any methods I am missing here?  Please send in your comments to let me know! I appreciate them!

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