The Wonder of Fanfiction Part 2: How To Create The Ideal Fanfiction

Reading and Writing fanfiction
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From looking at the title, I know I am boasting a lot about how you can create the perfect facnfiction. In fact, creating works based off of someone else’s is not that difficult. The author(s) have already laid the platform with plot, character and settings. Now, the way to create the perfect fanfiction is not conventional, it involves some intangible methods as well as some actual writing.

Ready to rewrite some fiction? Dive in!

  1. Watch your favorite movie, anime, or read your favorite book. Really live in the characters’ lives.
  2. Now as you watch/read, are there some plots you wish was further explored? Such as a blossoming romance, or a fight that never went down? Whatever it is, you know you have been waiting for a moment that never happened and you so wish the creator had included it. Tip: It is handy to have a little notebook to jot down some major/minor characters and take some notes. You can use this for your FF.
  3. For most of us who write fanfiction, we are left with a feeling that is “awe” but then we are empty. So we listen to music and it reminds us of a character’s relationship and ordeal. We venture to Youtube in hopes of an AMV depicting our favorite stories and shows. What feeling is left with you? Do you wish for the story to continue in a different way? Do you wish to not even have the series go on that long?
  4. What format works best for you? Some FF writers are comfortable just writing poetry inspired by a show or book. Some write flash fiction(really quick reads), others have stories which continue for a REALLY long time. It’s your choice.
  5. Warning: Some sites have now included a list of authors/creators who wish for their fiction to be left alone. You HAVE to honor their request. No questions asked.
  6. After all your dreaming, plotting, and dreaming some more, you are ready to write. Head over to  to begin.

How did I get started in writing FF?

I was really in love with the Twilight series and found that there were some things which could have taken place. This does not mean the author was “lacking” something necessarily, but that some subplots can be explored by my hand and so I let it flow…

The same with Airbender, I love the television series, but it ended too quickly for me without continuing Team Avatar’s journey…thus it laid good ground for me to work with.

Stay tuned for part 3: Fanfiction as a Beneficial Tool for Writers


3 thoughts on “The Wonder of Fanfiction Part 2: How To Create The Ideal Fanfiction

  1. Eritta,

    Thanks! I tried to come up with some sort of help for those interested in FF as I am. It helps sometimes as I didn’t have a guide a few years ago and wish I had.

    I added your blog to my list-nice!

  2. This is so cool–I didn’t even know the world of fanfiction existed! And I truly enjoy your posts about poetry. It was my writing mode of choice, until I started writing novels (disclaimer: neither is published yet!).

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