What is the Poetic Nimbus I’m Riding On?

Red Love in Night Sky
© Arthur Matkovskiy | Dreamstime.com

Before ever knowing what a storyteller was,  I was a writer.

Before ever knowing what poetry was, I was a poet.

Before knowing the term Nimbus meant, I was riding on it.

In the animation Dragon Ball Z, Goku is portryaed as riding on this golden cloud to get to where he needs to get to fast. I would watch and think its just a cute, golden, marshmallow cloud. However, upon seeing Goku’s warm personality and that he is a hero, I began to wonder: Is he the chosen one? Why is that Nimbus so golden? What is a nimbus? Is it a part of our brains deep beneath the Cerebellum?

Google is the best place to get some answers. According to Dictionary.com, a nimbus is a luminous cloud or halo surrounding a supernatural being or saint. The second definition states, “a light aura, color, or something surrounding someone”

Sometimes I feel surrounded by a  cloud of muse wanting wanting me to revamp my poetry and make them shorter, longer, or very uncomoon and it can be very hard because poetry embodies what can be said in fewer lines.

This leads me to why this post is in existence: More poetry will be reviewed under post title: POETIC NIMBUS. One can not discuss writing by eliminating poetry which is where we get our songs and psalms from. It isn’t going anywhere- I get that.

Feel free to add poetry via The Write Web or add suggestions for topics, tips, and advice.

Welcome to The Poetic Nimbus


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