Prose Poetry For Pros

Writers Digest Feb 2011 cover Recently, I stopped by Writer’s Digest to see hows it going. I do this often. Anyhow, I came across a contest going on right now. Robert Lee Brewer is asking for prose poetry to place on his web content and the winner will be chosen. This contest ends October 7, 2011.

So, do you know what I did?

I went ahead and formed my own prose poem. Please visit the link above for his article on writing prose so you’ll know how to write it and glean inspiration. Soon, I will post up information on prose poetry as well. Anyway, off topic: What I have done was wrote my own prose poem and it does not adhere to rules like: Begin with a capital letter, end with a punctuation, etc. etc. it is free flowing like a shower.

Here goes:


the weights were, oh say, 8 pounds a piece these hand weights I got the other day, they look small, they are shiny and smell of cool rubber over asphalt. I sniff them more than pull on them, but I pull on them with my chubby, feminine hands. Soon very soon the commercial will go off and motivation will wave good bye to me.

pulling ever harder on these 8 pound weights I lift as muscles scream as an old house door which never been in use, I reach higher higher    higher! Like the slender toned brunette says in the commercial. Her coltish legs tease me and mock me as she wiggles in appreciated freedom while the weights slowly succumb to gravity and she shouts: “If I can do it! You can too!” The scene cuts to her false before picture slamming down BBQ ribs and my refrigerator asks me if I want that second bite.

I slow down the reps and the screen flips to her sweating in some alien suit which suddenly fits her. It is is not fair and so I drop and give myself twenty just like she does. I want to be an alien too! Day 30 and the only results is that jealousy has grown better, leaner muscles than me and the doctor just told me to slow down I am at my normal weight.

Copyright©2011 by E.J. Smith

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