He Was Once a Soldier for Satan…His Story Will Shake You

Ascent From Darkness
Thomas Nelson Publishers
As a former satanist, Michael Leehan had many “devious, malicious” assignments but one day the enmy sent him on a diabolical mission: To kill Pastor Craig Groeschel. During these missions, and including his final mission or directive from the enemy Michael seemed surrounded by darkness all around, but God’s mighty angels were watching over him and having the love and support from God’s people was light he had around him the whole time.
Leehan does not begin Ascent from Darkness"""" wrapped up in innocence as some written testimonies tend to do. For most of his life he has been battling with swervy mental disturbances beginning when he was six: “I had blackouts, time lapses, periods of a particular day or event that I flat out don’t remember…”(Ascent from Darkness, p. 113). He overdosed at age nineteen and fell from an attic at twenty.  it doesn’t seem that he had very close family ties at the time either, but then his story becomes even more compelling.
He gets to a point in his life, partcularly around age 33, where he feels pulled as a taut rubberband…it is then he submits himself to the dark forces. As Christians or should I say Christ Followers(Leehan says there are difference between the two), everything from that point on should be read carefully, cautiously and perhaps note taking would be best.
I saw this book as more than just a powerful testimony, it is a guide to knowing the spiritual realm, and Michael’s clear, honest words gives us a look at whats happening behind our normal everyday scenes in life. I urge readers from all backgrounds to read this book and pass it on to your loved ones and members of the church. Leehan certainly has many gifts and his friends are blessed to know him personally, I am just joyous to have read such a personal inspiration such as Michael Leehan.
*Received for review from Book Sneeze (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

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