Blogging is About More Than Writing Online, Here Are Some Tips

© Vladyslav Starozhylov |

Part of the reason many of us have a blog is to be known. This is a part of who we are as social creatures. The beauty of blogging then is getting paid for being known for what you do. Norfolk, Va bloggers: if you are a mother who blogs try visiting My Tidewater Moms for featured stories. There are bloggers out there (especially blogging moms) who are seriously capitalizing on their blogs making six figures doing what they love: Reviewing. After scouting around, it seems there is a recipe for success.

1.  Receive free products for review. Audrey McClelland receives free clothing and other products for her reviews on her website. Reviewing products for free may seem like something nice to do in your spare time, but letting others know about a product frequently with authentic comments may show others you really care about what they buy. (Continue reading on Some moms make six figures blogging, here’s the recipe to their success – Norfolk Blogging Industry |

*Share your thoughts: Do you think perhaps it is all luck? Hardwork? The right connections?


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