Tracking an Author: 9,124 Words At Last

Most wouldn’t scream out that they’ve reached 33 pages, but I’m screaming YAY! I have researched, dreamed and finally revamped the entire idea of my book.

Nonetheless, the action/specualtive fiction I want to come out will have be carried forth in a different format. Perhaps not a novel, but as a novella? Screenplay? TV Series…?

Don’t know, but so far so good. My other goal is to have some ideas in my mind for NanoWrimo to quickly get that other book out there. For those of you out there wanting to write furiously and dangerously without the interference of worry and trashing previous ideas, sign up for Nano Wrimo. True writing from November 1st-30th. I believe you have to hit that 50,000 word mark.

Back to the book: 9,124 does not seem like a lot, but what I can say is the characters are different from one another but the same in thought and they all reside in my hometown. Once everything is through and before this book even goes to editing, I’ll let you know more.

For now, what are you writing/reading?


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