A Book Reviewer’s Confession & How to Properly Review Fiction

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Recently I had the opporuntiy to read some ebooks on my PC. It was a fun experience and a challenging one, but I appreciate the opportunity to do so at a cheap or free rate.

For those who don’t know already, I review books for many companies such as Thomas Nelson Publishers, WaterBrook Press, and Bethany House Publishers. On occasion I get a humble, savvy writer who asks me to read their book and I willingly do so.

But this isn’t the problem. Nope. The problem I had began a couple of months agoa when I accepted a book as a referral from someone on a professional social network. I accept Inspirational, Christian, Historical Romance, and speculative works, so this person wrote something along the lines of supernatural and speculative. It was dark, it was real, it was an exciting read-however two things were wrong from the very beginning and perhaps it was my fault:

First of all, one of my rules is that  “I do not want to read ebooks for book reviews, it clearly puts out my eyes”. Secondly I accepted the book gratefully while also mentioning to both author and their “agent” I have more than five books in queue and will get to the the book in due time. It was not even a three hundred page ebook(almost).

PC failed, eyesight became sore, emails came in wondering when I was going to finish up the book and on it went.

Then I did something I never done before or would not ever consider doing again…I read quickly through the last fifty pages once I got the fuzzy file back. I did however read it at a good pace and found it to be an okay book. Suffice to say I sent an email giving my honest review of the overall appeal and feel of the book and added a few tidbits here and there-they were not happy with me.

I can say that afterwards I had the grand opportunity to read one of my FAVORITE author’s book on Calibris and darn it I enjoyed every bit of it! What a smooth experience.

Why am I saying all of this?

I made a mistake but in order not make it again, I have posted an article on Examiner on the  6 Ways to Review Fiction(fairly). One rule of thumb to remember: Never rush a  book review for an author. They need to give YOU time to write a clear review.

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