Carolyn Weber’s Surprised By Oxford, An Academic Romance

Thomas Nelson Publishers

Heady, intoxicating words shaped by literature of the Romantics; seared and layered with the Word of God…this was Carolyn Weber’s intrusion of love.

Surprised by Oxford: A Memoir"" more than a biography, but a literary feast as she uses poetry and prose to connect with her memories and readers appreciate the gut true language and the professionals she has met along the way. It can be said that Weber’s story is everyone’s story.

More Than a Memoir

Weber’s book is more than a memoir, it is an academic romance. For starters she mentions that she has always been an agnostic because she just could not prove God exists and once she got into Oxford on a full scholarship, everything changed. Instead of just learning about Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, and William Wordsworth, she met a handsome American she refers to as TDH (tall, dark and handsome) throughout the book and who introduces her to her very first love- Christ. Weber is very candid with her thoughts about him and God as she continued to wrestled with trusting men, let alone a God referred to as “he”.

This book was a gem to hold and to read, unfortnuately I read it very quickly because it was such a delicious literary treat!

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