A Seminal , Structure Analogy: My Emotionally Haunted Mansion

mansion looks great ont he outside
Emotional Mansion

Recently I was given the task(from textbook), to create a Seminal Structure Analogy, this means that its a “structure built on an anology”(Kirby &Goodpaster, 2007, p. 152), and as we write it begins to take shape, mold into a recognizable form. Many students have done an excellent job at this, so I will give it a shot too. Enjoy! 

My Emotional Mansion

You can come inside my mansion, but I must warn you. This is the most depressing mansion you’ll ever see. The outside is very gorgeous. Trim and proper, nice even green grass, white washed pillars upholding the home like suspenders…yes it is quite the majestic on the outside. The structure appears intelligent, loyal, and serene but the truth is once inside you’ll find guilt, envy, and the abandonment of all hope.

Step inside. Don’t mind the dark quicksand in the middle of the floor, it appears to be deep, but its only there as a fear factor. Meanwhile, allow me to show you the first room. Looks, pristine and sparkling, right? Smells of Wildflower PineSol all day long. It is the “white room. If you look closely, there are finger prints and stains crafred along the walls. It is the room that can never be cleaned. The power of bleach can’t remove such foul engravings. Whatever you say in in here, it hangs in the air forever…hear the echoes from a distant past? This is the room of guilt. You can never erase a mishap and forgiveness is but a charm found at the end of rainbows.

The next room is much farther down the hall. Even the door is shiny, and so new! Can’t you just smell the ripened gardenia? Can’t you feel your hand touch the cool, smooth  knob? Now oepn the door and you’ll see…

The most gorgeous room in the entire room. The  room is like a planetarium as lights and frames move across the wall. The entire wall and floor is painted in lilac(my favorite color), however, the pictures along the wall are those of a better, leaner, faster, smarter me. The women all look different along this wall but they are all me. See their eyes? They have none. Where their eyes should be, they are gone. The entire room is rigged up so that if you touch  something, you will get electrocuted. This is the room of envy. I want the longer hair, clearer skin, and coltish legs that I had back in the day. I see happy, smiling faces, I see people working in their careers loving who they are, but when I try to grab it- ZAP!!

The final tour is actually in the back of the house. It begins to smell really dead back here and nothing ever survives. The grennery which once hung along the walls have since died and left a stale memory of perfume in the air. Dreams and hopes are placed at the threshold of this upcoming room because they will not survive inside the room, or even in the hallway for that matter.

The door is always opened. No sense in having to turn the knob thinking you’ll be surprised with a feast for your sore eyes. See the empty chair by the window? The sky is always dark with a simple moon even it is daylight outside in reality. An owl is perched on tree’s arthritic limb and hoots incessantly. If you were to close your eyes in this room and begin to think nice thoughts; thoughts of helping others, being a more Godly person, or finishing  school, the room will begin to spin slowly and tilt and you’ll find yourself staring back into the yellowed eyed owl and sometimes he talks. He’ll tell you to “Get real, hopes are for fools-fools-fools“-in hooting style and then your feet will become immovable for several hours. This is the room of abandoned hope.

Sorry, but thats the end of my tour. I look like quite the young accomplished woman on the outside but I harbor some shame, some insecurities and where I once dreamed  and hoped, I now scour the dirty pots and pans of life to find that gleam, the glow I once known.

© 2011 Erica J. Smith


Kirby, G.R.& Goodpaster, J.R. (2007). Thinking. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education, Inc.


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