Invoking My Muse: Is God Taking the Wheel, or Is it Me When I Write?

As God unlocks my mind... I want to settle an internal debate within my mind.

I just have to get this down on my blog or I will literally burst into a million words landing on the screen in gibberish. I will try and take my time with this…promise.

Am I a believer  who writes fiction?

Or, a writer who happens to believe in God? (I am straying away from the word Christian…too political at this point. Long story.

I ask myself this all the time while I write. Happily, I visited Mike Duran’s blog post titled “More or Less of Me” and he states:

Each one of us is uniquely “God-like,” or if you prefer, “like God.” So when we sing, “More of You and less of me,” aren’t we denying something central to who we are? Of course, you need “more of God.” But, being that you’re fused with His DNA, you also need “more of you” — at least, THE REAL YOU.

I swear I never knew I would land on that particular post, but God works in mysterious ways as the cliche goes.

However, how does this solve the question of who I am as a writer? This is important to me because the works I put out there will be unique and mostly based on my experiences, observations, dreams, and thoughts given by the Muse and whatever else inspires me.

Well, for one thing I have life because of God.

He created me in His image, meaning that whatever I have inside of me is creative, and He wants me to write, He gave me the ability to tell stories. Ever since I was a little  girl I told stories to my family just off the top of my head. It gave  me a rush to come up with horrific little tales.

Secondly, before believing in Him I was writing anyway. At the age of 8 I wrote the “Snow Princess”. Designed the cover, used binding material from the crafts store and everything. It was a lovely ten page story: pretty, romantic, sweet, and had a hint of the speculative(which are the books I read today). So this leads where?

All of the above leads to this one thing: Once I came into the knowledge of God, I didn’t stop writing what I want to write. My purpose has always been to entertain and purge myself of  thoughts and imaginations equally. The stories are based on fictional people and circumstances, however I believe every story has a keen message.

In the book of Esther, God’s name isn’t mentioned at all. I think this is for good reason. This book wanted to show the mercy and justice of God through the eyes of Esther and her risking her own life for her people. This book has the face of God without even mentioning His name. Besides isn’t His love and actions more than enough?

This is not to say that Christian books with overt themes of salvation, redemption, sin, and chastity are wrong. On the contrary, these works are still beautiful and are desperately needed in today’s broken world.

I am still a HUGE fan of Amish stories and will contunue to get those Beverly Lewis and Cindy Woodsmall paperbacks. Yet, we can learn much from any story, right?

If you have the same or opposing views, please comment here. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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