Tracking an Author: My Writing Journey Thus Far and After the Character Profile

Pink FlowerThis has been a whirlwind of a year for me. Maybe its because of the move to another aartment, the birth of my nephew Aubry, my little niece is now six years old(which means I am older right along with her), the mountain of research for courses, the pressure from myself to write better…

Who knows? The good parts of my life involve my niece, nephew and adoring husband. The writing parts just cramp me up. Case in point: Remember the post about creating your characters first to develop your stories? Well what do you do with them after?


After creating my character profiles I came across one huge mountain…they change! Characters(that are people) do morph and shift and grow as we humans tend to do, so what I had done with my fictional folk was take their profiles and “inked” them up. That’s right. I done some scratch outs and some additions to their career profiles and personalities. As the story progresses however, this may change but it does not mean there will be more ink overs. Just going with the flow is fine.

After creating a generic profile of your main characters(it’s okay to work some out for your minor characters too), it is safe to either a) begin the story fresh “from the seat of your pants” without an outline, b)outline the story itself, c) begin more profiles for setting, other characters, etc.

So what phase am I on? I am just writing from the seat of my pants, seeing where the characters take me.

For more resources on creating characters, try these!

Check these out and other resources that you may find. But here’s a tip: Don’t just seek out sources from those who are really popular writers(e.g. Stephenie Meyer, Stephen King, James Patterson…), you want an unbiased look at writing.

Good Luck!


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