Book Review Alert! ‘Restless in Carolina’ by Tamara Leigh

Book provided by Multnomah for my unbiased review

Here is a snippet of the book I have just finished a while ago. If you’re looking for Southern Comfort, look no further than Tamara Leigh’s book Restless in Carolina!

Bridget Pickwick-Buchanan is all about going green. She is a tree huggin’ animal lovin’ 33 year old widow who still has not let go of the past. Her family believes she needs to shed her widows weeds but Bridget Pickwick- Buchanan isn’t ready. She is however ready to find a buyer for her family’s estate and this buyer must be environmentally tuned into the property. She meets one out of Atlanta, J.C. Dirk and he challenges those “widow weeds” of hers…*

Tamara Leigh has created the “unchristian” Christian in this work in the persona of Bridget. She is a blond who wears dreads and walks around barefeet, goes “green” and has a pet possum named Reggie. She is surrounded by a host of other Pickwicks who are just colorful as she, albeit not on the same scale. Especially her beloved niece and nephew who wish their tree huggin’ aunt can at least say the words “happily ever after” when telling them a story. Bridget can not safely say that life has a happily ever after since the death of her husband Easton.

Then she meets J.C. Dirk who is a developer out of Atlanta who is described as a Simon Baker look a like(very good!) but when she bursts into his office one day and interrupts his meeting, instead of seeing a knight in shining armor, Bridget is confronted with a man who is uninterested until he knows her family name and begins to spend more time with her. Sparks fly off the pages with these two.

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