Book Review Alert: Why God Won’t Go Away

Received for an unbiased review from Thomas Nelson Publishers

Alister McGrath decided to write this book based off of the New Atheist Movement of people who deny God. Before getting into the specifics of the book, one must understand exactly what the New Atheist Movement is all about. McGrath defines it by saying that the “term was coined around 2006 by Gary Wolf, a writer for Wired, a british magazine” The four leaders or as McGrath calls the Four Horsemen of the movement are Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens.

Their goal?

To wipe out the belief in any and all religion. Oh and God too.

Atheism, is the denial that there is a God. So what is essentially new about the New Atheist Movement?

The New Atheist Movement, according to Alister McGrath seems to be embodied by atheists shying away from all kinds of religions because religons breeds violence. Some of the examples from websites that Alister uses is despicable. Atheists claiming that believing in God is a ‘meme’ and straying away from those who believe in God is like avoiding believers as if they literally have the plague.

Debates, debates, and more debates between Christian philosphers and atheists and the Christian philosophers have such a tightly wound argument each and every time that one person supposedly said, “let’s just shout theat they are all idiots and morons!”(130).

What I enjoyed about this book is the sincerity and humbleness Alister employed while using sharp wit, extensive research and the decency of putting it all together in a short, neat little book. it isn’t long and drawn out and it actually would educate any person no matter what background on how to be really prepared before publishing books and speaking on your subject matter.

Well done, Alister!

5/5 Stars!

Book Details:

Title: Why God Won’t Go Away

Publisher: Thomas Nelson(2010)

ISBN: 978-0-8499-4645-5

Price: $15.99

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