Tracking an Author…Extending a Review

Hey to all my fellow writers/readers/bloggers:

Recently I have embarked on something totally new. That is, to help those who are self publishing their books to get their name out there. I certainly know how hard it is to be known without having had your book published by Penguin, or Little Brown. However, that doesn’t mean we should remain nameless-right?

I am tired of trying to find forums interested in my line of writing: Inspirational poetry and Inspirational/Speculative fiction. It is a very specific niche and may only generate a small following, but that is to be expected in today’s world. A year ago when I took Mass Communications, we learned a very important thing: “All news and media are specialized”; this means that for you as a writer, you must seek out and market to those who have expressed interest in your genre. James Patterson can market his books on television because he has a loyal following to his commercial mystery novels. You as a self published author will have to use more of your will power, research, and resources to get a devoted few.

This all boils down to why I am writing this post: June 29th has passed so the free review offer is over, but you can still get a review of your book from me and I will be happy to spread the word on websites listed on my business website .

I know how hard it is to get the word out because I am going through the same process, however this is the world of self publishing and it makes you a stronger person than those who rely on airtime and commercialism to sell copies. Its tempting and it is a tantalizing prospect as we all want to sell those millions(let’s be honest!) But lets try with those who want to read our stuff.


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