Some Giveaways, Some Thoughts, Some Ideas…

Thomas Perkins |

Hey bloggers, writers and the rest! I am still thinking of how to do this Clean out My Closet business, I’ve just been too busy to select books to giveaway but there will be a giveaway int he hugest way, so stay tuned!

Nextly, I have been furiously writing, and taking notes for my next book and was wondering if anyone like sci/fi fantasy with YA appeal to it? I’m quite sure you are out there or know someone who is. What are your thoughts on the mixture of those elements? Isit  really popular/unpopular, should it be segmented for a specific audience, or should any of this matter?

To be honest, I frequently scroll the fantasy and romantic section at Books A Million when I go, and kind of admire the covers of the sci fi section but rarely pick up a book. Unless its a book by Tananarive Due or Octavia Butler I don’t read it. God rest your soul, Octavia.

Last, and most important…Writing tutorials and workshops given by video on this blog! Yay!  On this blog in the Tutorials section, there will be instructional videos on all things dealing with writing, creative writing, and self publishing. You won’t want to miss it. Anything you ever wanted to know about writing will be right at your finger tips.

I am even planning lessons that parents can offer there kids and teachers offer their students on reading helps and writing tips. It will be beneficial. For one on one online tutoring, please contact me for details.

The idea is to turn this entire blog into video posts. I’ll see what I can do…in the meantime get excited for those upcoming tutorials!

Okay, holla back at me with your thoughts and comments. I’ll be working but I always respond 🙂



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