‘Now I Walk on Death Row’, Recinella Takes Us With Him in His New Book

Bethany House Publishers

Dale S. Recinella was a big time Finance lawyer on Wall Street until he heard the call of God to minister to the people. It seems this would be a hard task for someone used to making big time money and hanging out with the cream of the crop, but it was uncomfortable and took Recinella years of prayer and vigorous exploration of God’s Word to know if this was the right thing to do.

Now I Walk on Death Row begins with the Chapter from “Times Square to Time Square”. He’s speaking of the Florida State Prison in which he is currently a Chaplain to the Death Row inmates. Quickly the pages pushes you back to the year 1985 when he has a huge deal to close for the Miami Dolphins Studio and his eloquent writing details the emotion and the atmosphere of that night. He captures the flowing wine, the entertainment, the big names in the industry. Who would want to leave a life such as that?

However, you are immediately thrust further back in time to when he grew up and he mentions his younger sister Jan’s debilitating illness and how his family worked hard with eight children in tow and how he passed all the academic exams to make into the law field. Finally we are catapulted to dramatic life changes which makes your jaw hang open-especially when Recinella begins to describe the inmates, how hot and smelly the prisons are in Florida(or anywhere I’d imagine) and the brutal executions of the men who could have actually been innocent.

My reaction to this book was stronger than I was prepared for. The inside flap has readers quoting that the book was excellent and uncomfortable. The book is uncomfortable because those who claim to follow God use their fear and “comfort zones” as an excuse to not talk to the lowly, help the depraved, and the hungry. Recinella in his book reminds us to look on a few key scriptures in case we forget what Jesus said:

Acts 2:42-45-the Apostles’ devotion to one another and community, selling their possessions to each other and the poor.

Matthew 6:19-34-The eye is the lamp of the body, seek first God’s kingdom. Don’t worry about things the pagans worry over.

All in all, an excellent book that held my attention all week!

Favorite Quote: “So long as there are people who lack necessities, a person who has more than he needs is holding the goods of another”-Francis of Assisi quoted by a nun( Now I Walk on Death Row: Dale S. Recinella, 2011, pg. 127)

Book Details:

Title: Now I Walk on Death Row

Author: Dale S. Recinella

Publisher:Bethany House(2011)

ISBN: 978-0-8007-9505-4

Price: U.S. $14.99


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