Tracking an Author Saga…Have you ever been bombarded?

Image by CreateSpace/E.J. Smith

For those who have been following my writing project progress or digress, thanks a bunch. Love yall! For those of you just tuning in, I am working on a title that I’ll be self publishing. Last year I published The Prayer Monologues with CreateSpace, yet this year I will try a new place. Nothing wrong with CreateSpace but I just like to spread my wings and CreateSpace has helped me so far.

Onward to being bombarded. With what you may ask? Messages, themes, characters. Even while working on a fiction novel, reading a nonfiction book doesn’t help because now I want my character to be placed in the exact same predicament as the author in his biography. Sounds weird but that is when all the mediums/genres mesh together and forms what my creative writing instructor calls “experiential writing”(found in “Forking Paths”)

Then, while watching Ghost Whisperer I am bombarded and overloaded with special themes and character behaviors to modify in my own writing. I’ll never get done at this rate, but I still press onward with this outline. Yes, I have thrown away most of what I typed out so far and have found the gem in outlining. Everyone don’t have to outline but having an excellent idea of where to begin is key to strong storytelling.

Alright, Ciao!

If you’d like to use snippets of The Write Web’s blog posts, feel free to do so. Just use this byline: Quote, post, or phrase used by permission of Erica J. Smith.


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