Part 2 of Earning Money and Popularity on Blogs: My Shy Self

I have always been the shy girl in school. Offline, I am still a wreck when it comes to approaching people and being bubbly and open. I just can’t seem to get out of that shell. If I don’t know you, you would think I am aloof and awkward, or even anti-social, but I am friendly(if that helps). So thank God for blogging where I can share my thoughts with you and also learn to use the web for marketing across online platforms.

There is one thing I have learned, and that is success does NOT happen overnight. Everyone has a story to tell on how they’ve made it big using the internet make money. I LOATHE those stories because I feel I can never be one of them. Well, I wrote an article earlier today on some things we can do to at least become remotely popular online. The first is to connect with your audience.

The second: Using innovation in your blog and business.

Third and final: Creating.

These keys can be applied offline too. See you soon with more blogging/writing advice!


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