Fallen Angels, Half Humans, Firecracker Romance and…Redemption?

Harlequin Nocturne
Imagine that you have walked from Heaven, got bored with Hell and are sick of Earth and its dim witted primates yet you must  deal with that because its your mission to wipe out the lesser demons or nefariand their half demon children.
Well, thats what Raum of the Fallen must contend with.  He and other ex-demons are summoned by a Higher Court to wipe out the humans’ half demon children, yet Ember Riddick, a shy but sassy, fiery red head has caught the beautiful dark haired Fallen angel’s eye. There is but one teensy weensy problem- She is the half-demon he must destroy, and soon enough the pages erupt with their silly banters, witty comebacks, and the sensuality which pulsates literally off the page.
My opinion of this book is very high, which is kind of awkward for this sweet bible believing blogger 🙂 and all, but I must say I give credit where it is due. Kendra Leigh Castle has crafted a story based on the Fall, the Heavens, and gives a pretty real description of what Hell must look like and how Raum gets bored with the heat and the darkness and you actually feel kind of bad for the big hunk because even though he has the green eyes, the muscular build, and a smile which obviously made Ember melt-he still believed he was evil incarnate and thus it makes him hard to love. I wanted to review this from Ember’s point of view but this was purely a story built off of the Alpha male and his spiritual/psycho-social problems. This 283 page story was hot! You get swept away in the world of the Vampires, wolves, and other ex demons all the while Raum trying to destroy and, er, save Ember. Its a weird relationship, but you will love it!
This book is like a cross between Twilight and the movie Legion.
The only thing I will say is that the angel Uriel, an angel of God played a good role in this work yet I didn’t like him swearing. Swearing? What is swearing anyway? Hmmm, case study for another blog post I guess.
If I could give this book ten stars, I would.
Ten Stars!
Please visit the author via her website at: www.kendraleighcastle.com.

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Book Details:
Renegade Angel,Kendra Leigh Castle
Harlequin Nocturne(Sept 2010)
ISBN: 978-0-373-61842-2
Price: $5.25/$6.25 Canada
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