Top 100 Women of the Bible, A Book Review

Barbour Publishing

I had the opportunity a few years ago to purchace a Choice Books paperback titled The Top 100 Women of the Bible (Top 100 Series). I must say that I have never been so encouraged by a “list” of something I’ve read. From Abigail to Zipporah, Pamela McQuade inspires us with a sumary of the women’s lives and then guides the reader into why the women made the choices they did and how this affects our walk with God today.

Although the book was awesome, I must admit that each woman had some connection to a man. There was no way you could mention a female without mentioning what she done for Paul or how she won a battle with a man at her side, but this doesn’t detract from the awesomeness in which God placed in her. The bible is filled with mostly men writing the Gospels and making sacrifices unto God, but the women clearly had duties such as Judge, Queen, Mother, Wife, or business owner. How encouraging!

My personal favorites were: Ruth, Esther, the Proverbs 31 Woman, and Deborah the judge and prohphetess.

Want a quote from the book?

“Why did Jael suddenly become so vicious?  We can only guess.”(From the Top 100 Women of the Bible, published by barbour Publishing, Inc. Used by permission)


The Top 100 Women of the Bible

Pamela McQuade

Barbour Publishing(2007)

ISBN: 978-59789-669-6

Price: $9.99(On Amazon for $4.99 right now)

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