Creating and Writing a Good Blog Like a Blogging Guru: Part 1

Recently I posted an article on how to earn from your blog like a guru. (Part 2 coming up this week) Do I earn money from my blog? Obviously not. I write about writing, books, and how to write. Many people like to create blogs but I am not sure if everyone loves to read and my fan base I can count on one hand.

Yet I have been watching the videos, reading forums, and have many gurus on my mailing list who swear up and down they make  six figures a year doing what I do. it gets stressful sometimes because I love to journal, I enjoy blogging, but just to get feedback every blue or red moon would be awesome. I think I would faint if I suddenly had 1,000 readers one day.

Is it about the money? Read my article to find out. Money does make the world go ’round. I need it to eat and to have shelter over my head, but again, I doubt it registers as a worry over anyone’s radar as they casually glance my post and click somewhere else.

Hey, I do it too.

E.J. Smith


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