Angel Study and Review Blog Series Concludes with Wendy Alec’s ‘Son of Perdition’

There will be a movie out soon according Wendy Alec’s website. A double Woot! From me. Secondly, I finished her book, Son of Perdition which is Book 3 in the Chronicles of Brothers series. The book was fast paced,eye opening and evokes all kinds of emotions in you. She is a great storyteller and thats what matters.

Here’s a snippet of the review:

The end of days has begun and Lucifer has a plan to clone himself and unleash his son of perdition. Meanwhile the brothers Jason, Adrian, and Nick De Vere uncover some skeletons in the closet of their family history. It all ties into what Yehovah has in store for the Race of Men and the ultimate Judgment to come upon the Fallen as well.

Warning! This Christian Fiction while profound, brilliant, and creative, had one or two words many Christians may feel are vulgar-but it is on a minor level.

Son of Perdition has no problem grabbing hold of your attention and demand that you jet through the pages. Just don’t go too fast or you’ll miss golden nuggets of information (and somewhat complex historical economical situations) they really do matter. Secondly, the characters Wendy has created with her brilliant mind are three dimensional and respond well to their environment. Even while reading a few tears were shed because two beloved characters pass away and it seemed unpredictable.

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