Tracking an Author Continues: Dessen’s New Book and the Author Who Connects

Sarah Dessen Talks About Her New Book, “What Happened to Goodbye”

I am always fascinated with author’s stories about how they came to be these weavers of their own imaginations and how they manage to pull us into their character’s world. What is even more fascinating is how much fiction is actually nonfiction for most writers(but I doubt they’d say that).

For example, I’ve read 2 of Dessen’s books: Just Listen and The Truth About Forever, which I highly recommend you read – and it appears that some of the places in her book actually exist, further more the teens go through agaonizing reality. We’ve all been dumped, dooped, and discouraged beyond belief as a teen. Some still are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s+, yet I digress…

What happens to the author who resonates so well with reality, that people pick up his or her books? They become icons thats what. I know some authors may say, “Thats not true! I’ve never been an icon and I published  X amount of books.” My question then is: “Weren’t you published though? Don’t you have a fan base? Have you been writing ever since? Then you are doing well and people love what you do.

Don’t get me wrong. Writing has to be first and foremost a passion. Just like basketball. Or football. Or gardening. This is something you must do and it is a serious mandate TO DO before you leave this life. Yet to have a cult following and getting paid for it are added bonuses for sure.

What drew me to love Dessen’s, Stephenie Meyers’s , and Octavia Butler’s works are that they created a world in which things can/have happened and made me “feel” for the character. Amazing huh? Dessen’s books take you back to when you were a teen and you root seriously for the heroine. Stephenie Meyer wrote a coming of age book complete with “new -girl -has -to transfer- to- school -and -has -divorced -parents mode”(with some vamp action in it), and Octavia Butler, rest her soul, has written dystopian and speculative novels about every ethnicity in the world but you love or hate her characters because they seem so real.

So, back to my question: What happens when the author connects so well to the audience?

We adore them because they just seem to understand-literary- oops I mean literally 🙂


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