Book Review Alert! Dr. David Jeremiah’s ‘Angels’

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Continuing on our unearth bound friends’ world, I have finally finished the nonfiction work of Dr. David Jeremiah’s. Angels certainly explained the questions I’ve always had as a child and then there were some questions that just had to be left alone.

The highlights of the book, is that it is highly organized while keeping it light for the rest of us who just need a basic explanation of what angels are and how much attention should we give these beings. The book went on to explain angels in dreams as well stating: “Angels can show themselves in our dreams as it did Jacob saw them first on the stairway to heaven”(paraphrased from Angels, pg. 100). So yes, it appears that angels have appeared in many people’s dream in the bible, from Jacob to Joseph.

Gratefully, for some readers, Jeremiah didn’t spend a whole lot of time on Hell’s Angels as he calls the fallen ones in his book, but he does spend a few pages on the fall of Lucifer and the angels which fell to hell with him. This seemed significant as we must remember that God created all beings and Satan being an angel was created too-with the ability to make a choice.

This book was very enlightening and I recommend it as a companion in your bible study because the chapters entitled: “Showing Us How to Worship” and “Showing Us How to Work” are great pieces on how we can be as close to God now before we even die and go to heaven. The angels are constantly worshiping Him in a fashion we can all learn from.

So how much attention should we give angels? Well, don’t worship them, worship Him as the one who made them and learn from the angels, thank God for these beings who help and serve those who will inherit salvation!

Be encouraged from this book and share with a friend also!

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Title: Angels

Author: Dr. David Jeremiah

Published: 2006, by Multnomah


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