Tracking an Author Series: What Writer’s Block Truly Is and Other Witty Advice

I am still continuing the Angel journey but here is a just a bit of inspiration for you writers out there. I have a few tips related to what I have discovered, which may help you. The good news is that I now have the cute little “Share” buttons below my posts so you can easily just click and share or print. Here goes:

1. Don’t believe in a long Writer’s Block. There is, however, a such thing as “Sleeping Writer” or “Unprepared Writer” or “A writer that doesn’t realize that novel is a turning out to be a wonderful short story.” These cases may not be true for others- but it is for me.

2. Every self published writer is not a dim witted writer or other bad names self published authors are called. Self published authors realize their calling and they are answering to that call quickly without having to wait a year for someone to pat them on the back and say “Nice work!”

 3. Going traditional is okay. Even I am thinking of being published traditionally, butam  keeping my options open. I will still self publish my own works.  Not all traditionally published authors are Great writers.

4. Realize that writing is a job. In fact, it is grueling. Takes too much dedication, but its like giving birth. Once you hold that glossy print or Kindle and see your words embedded- Oh! The joy! This is the best job in the world.

5. Interview your characters. I have delved into the habit of interviewing my characters in my mind and on paper. What kind of person are they? Would I want to be their friend? What landed them in this situation? Minor characters have a mini interview or instead I let them take over once I type out a story.

6. The signature. I am letting people know via emails and other memos and posts that yes, I am a novelist. This is my signature block on hotmail as well. You should do it too. It kind solidifies what you are getting into. Like a suit being fitted.

Enjoy your journey in writing! Let me know how you’re doing!


2 thoughts on “Tracking an Author Series: What Writer’s Block Truly Is and Other Witty Advice

    • I know! Isn’t it wonderful to watch and see where the words go? I am trying to squeeze in time to see if it ever becomes more than an essay, 🙂

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