Angel Study: What are Angels Made of? Scripture Observation.

Continuing my adventure on the study of angels, it is wise to use the bible as our present source and guide on these heavenly creatures. What I’d like to focus on in this post are the characteristics of an angel. What are they made of? What does the “man after God’s own heart” have to say about angels?

Angels are considered heavenly beings. They are immaterial, meaning that they are not bound by the physical laws of Earth. In fact, according to the book Angels by Dr. David Jeremiah, they could be made of fire and wind. Why fire and wind? Well the Lord says in Ezekiel 13:13 “In my wrath I will unleash  a violent wind, and in my anger hailstones and torrents of rain…” In both Hebrew and Greek, the term spirtit means “breath or wind”(81) So, let’s look at another scripture:

The Lord will dry up the gulf of the Egyptian sea; with a scorching wind he will sweep his hand over the Euphrates River. Isaiah 11:15 

Or what of fire?

His body also was like the beryl and his face as the appearance of lightning and his eyes as lamps of fire…(Daniel  10:6 KJV)


This could all be speculation of course. When I think of wind I think of normal cool winds blowing on my skin from across the ocean waters, or perhaps a warm wind on a nice Spring day. When I think of fire I think of hot stove, forest fires, hell, etc. Does that mean an angel is nearby? Or are the winds and  discussed in biblical passages a bit more forceful and spiritual than that? Hmmmm.

Finally, David, the Harpist, the Psalmist, the young one who slayed Goliath had something to say about angels. I like how Dr. David Jeremiah desribed how David would sit underneath the stars and contemplate on the Lord and His ways. David says:

“What is man that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man that thou vistest him? For thou has made him a little lower than the angels and hast crowned him with glory and honour”-(Psalm 8:4-5 KJV)

David seems to have latched on to a hard truth here. Even with all the talk about about the angels and how God has made them inumerable, heavenly and of wind and fire, the Lord is still mindful of us and visit us as well. In fact, He sends angels to us in many different forms, much like has in the past.

What do you think? Do you think is far too much speculation? Have you found more scriptures on this?

*Next, we will discuss angels appearing to some and not all. Angels in visions, dreams, and reality as well as angels in fiction…see you soon!


19 thoughts on “Angel Study: What are Angels Made of? Scripture Observation.

  1. The angels are created by God, The aren’t made by fire they are made by something like the light shines

    • Hi Wafouy,

      According to the book Angels by Dr. David Jeremiah, they could be made of fire and wind. Why fire and wind? Well the Lord says in Ezekiel 13:13 “In my wrath I will unleash a violent wind, and in my anger hailstones and torrents of rain…”

      It seems I may have wrote those terms without much explanation. I see what you are saying, I really do and forgive my ignorance. However, in my understanding God did create the angels, I believe this. How He did it remains a mystery, but those who have seen angels see them in different forms and not always the cute little pretty angels we see in malls on Christmas Eve either.

      Thank you for your comment!

    • I had a dream in December right before Christmas. I was in a room and all of the sudden I saw several beings but they didn’t have flesh or bird wings. They were made up of energy. Kind of like the element plasma. They had a color that sparkled with white, orange, and pink. It was amazing. Their wings were the same color. Another thing that makes me unsure that it was a vision was the fact that when I fell back and closed my eyes I became one so yeah… if you guys think the angel details are accurate please let me know what yall think! I need some advice

      • Hi Casey!

        I haven’t met an angel before(or I could have and just didn’t know it) but I am still digging through the bible on what they really are. What I am sure of is that they:

        -Can appear human
        -Are really tall
        -Generally their gender is ambiguous- usually
        -They can be any color(or like you said fire/plasma)

        The important thing to remember is that an angel(“messenger”) is someone sent from God for those who are righteous. They are a part of Him-Astral beings; and I think it is so awesome and terrifying to know that we are surely never alone.

        Please keep the questions and comments coming!

  2. Angels are not speculation. For a long time, I believed they were. Now I know without a doubt that they are. Just because one individual doesn’t encounter a thing or a place in the way they perceive, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    • It has been a while since I’ve revisited the Angel Study post; and I feel the same way. Everyone’s experiences can not be discounted because someone else did not experience it.

      That is why I did the post and will explore more spiritual stuff on this blog soon. Thanks for visiting!

  3. The night before I converted from an agnostic to a Catholic, I was in bed at night in tears, praying to God. I felt like a failure with no faith, and I was tired of being conflicted between what my Satanist friend told me and what I wanted to believe. I prayed to God for a sign, a vision; something real to build my faith on. I woke up the next morning with no dream having occurred. I went to work and told myself to thank God anyways because he has a purpose for all things. I looked up Mother Teresa’s “spiritual dryness” to feel a bit better. At 10:30pm I left work, and was driving home. A block from my house I was on the mainstreet San Gabriel blvd about to make a left turn, when I spotted a bright orange orb in the sky. I thought it could be some form of aircraft, but it’s movements were not that of a plane, and I saw a helicopter pass in the distance behind it so it ruled that out as well. The orange orb came closer to my direction so closely that I could now see that it was a ball of flame, spinning and moving in the center. I was a bit afraid at first because it was such a dark orange and very intense. Eventually the light turned green and I had to make my turn. It was so directly over me that I passed under it as I drove forward. I had wanted to stay and see it longer but cars were approaching behind me. As I entered my driveway and got out of the car, I kept thinking about how I wished I had more time to observe it. Just as I was thinking that, I turned around after shutting the car door and saw the flame in the sky again, and it had made a 90 degree turn because it was now coming towards me. I was absolutely stunned, as I now realized this was a sign from God, perhaps even an angel. I walked down the long driveway (I live in a condiminium) towards the brilliant moving flame towards it, and it floated slowly towards me before pausing in the sky for about a minute. I had pulled out my cellphone and recorded it, which I still have on my cell now. After that minute, it began to slowly ascend towards the stars where it eventually twinkled and disappeared into the heavens, as if to let me know where it came from. I converted to a Catholic that very night, and have had many experiences since then which I now know as spiritual warfare. I have no doubt now that what I saw was an angel. I was stunned that it was all flame, so I decided to look up descriptions of angels from time to time to confirm what I know I saw. That is my testimony, I hope it helps! God bless you.

  4. Yes, Angels do exist. I talked to one of two. One had the apperance of a male the other had the apperance of a female. The Female did not talk or even look at me. She was derssed all in white. (in the winter). It was this past febuary {2015}. They were in a car that stopped me. I talked to the male, He knew about me and my daughter (in another stste) He said “he was here to protect me”. When he left he said “God Bless You” and drove away. About 2 weks later I was still thinking about this encounter while I was watching TV and I said out loud, “are you still with me”.. Nothing happened but several munits then a brilliant light flashed in another room, then about 5 seconds later a second flash. They were telling me they were with me. Yes, Angels do exist.


    • Hi Art!
      Thank you for sharing your story with me. And yes. Angels are real. They are the Lord’s messengers. It begins with faith and with faith anything supernatural can happen.

      Erica 🙂

  5. Thank you Erica. I realize in these days we live in material World and that is what we relate to. I believed, but having this happen to me was just fantastic. My wife was with me in the car when it happened and she watched the lady in white thru my car’s rear vision mirror. She tried to get out of the car to be with me but she could not move. Afer they left she could agin move her body.She was very frightened.There is a lot more too this happening that I did not write about. It was very cold out and I did notice no winter coats or clothing in their car.I asked for the gentleman’s name. He said it but I imediately forgot it. The car they were in was real (solid) as I had my hands on the open window ledge. The gentleman was white haired about 70 and the lady as in her late 20s. That is inmaterial as they were created before the World was created. They did not have wings or haloes . I shruged it all off until the flashes in the room told me all of this was a real supernatural event. Of all the people in the world I was blessed by a messinger of God. Still unbeliveable.


    • Hi Art,

      I read a book a couple of years ago by James Garlow called “Miracles Are For Real”, you should definitely read it. In it, there is the mention of this couple who are rescued by bikers with tattoos and ripped shirts and everything but they were angels… I thought that was amazingly cool.

  6. I know angels can take on a human form. Met one in the grocery store. He was on the short end of average height, had on a pastel plaid shirt with khakis, he never spoke a word but I knew what he was thinking. It was like time stood still and when he motioned to me to continue I realized time stood still oh it may have only been a Nano sec. but when I turned to see him he was gone there was such a presence of love surrounding me and as I walked around the store to find him the love become so intense that by the time I got to my car I was so full of holy love I was in tears.
    Many people are afraid of telling their experiences in fear that people will think them crazy but hey it comes with the territory of the supernatural.

  7. Karen
    I know what you mean by not saying too much about your encounter. I confided my encounter with 3 of my friends and a Priest.. They friends looked at me as if I was a total nut case. I first qualified them by asking if they had a belief in God. Each said “yes” so I told them what happened to me.They did not say much and did not ask questions. This told me they did not believe me. I went to a Catholic I was so taken aback of the happening I wanted to find out from a Clergy man what he thought. He was very polite and did ask me questions but he asked me if I were Catholic. I told him no. His attitude changed. He told me it was most likely a “doper pulling my leg” and the flashes was lightning outside. There was no lightning that month and he showed me the door. Keep your belief like I do, we are so Blessed to have had this personal experiance. I have always been a person that must find answere for things but I am afraid there is no answer. I am sure there will be more things happen for you and me as we progress into the “end times”..We will be protected so no harm will come to us..

  8. if angels are made of fire Satan being the main power would welcome being cast into hell. Fire would welcome fire (Satan ).Fire cannot destroy fire. Satan therefore will become more powerful in hell.

    • Hi Mahmood!

      Thanks for your comment.

      I did mention in the blog post that “God sends angels in many forms” and because God is the Creator, we can take your logic in many ways.

      First, following your human logic, it would make sense that since Satan is a fallen angel and made of fire, that fire would not hurt him or other angels. However, we are talking about an all consuming fire God will breathe down on the fallen angels. A holy, all consuming fire. They will definitely not escape that if what the bible holds in Revelations is true.

      Again, the post and our logic compared with the Lord’s, is prone to err anyway, but it makes for great discussion. Thank you!

      • I think man was made from dust and because of sin man has to die and go back to soil. But do you think that man gains more strength when he goes back to I gues the answer is no therefore Lucifer will not enjoy when he is thrown to fire just like man he does not enjoy going back to dust

      • Hi Ronald!

        I agree! I think you misunderstood though on what I meant. I said that according to “human logic, fire would not hurt satan and his minions” but God’s all consuming fire will not be pleasant for them.

        I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read my post!

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