Angels, Angels, Do We Know Thee So Well? Upcoming Review and Study on Angels

Image by Petra Bubníková

The popularity of angels will never go away. Who has seen these creatures of Heaven? These Heavenly Hosts? Few get to see them and then we read about those who have experienced seeing an angel? Is there something wrong with this picture?

Perhaps if you are not using the bible as your source of information, there could be potential danger with speculating on these beings. In fact, here are just a few good scriptures to ponder on before I get into what this post is really about:

[Angels] serve those who will inherit salvation(Hebrews 1:14)

Were created prior to God’s creation of Earth(Job 38:7, Psalms 148:2-5)

Originally created as good (Genesis 1:31)

The reason I am writing on angels is because I have some books I will be reviewing in reference to Angels, starting with Dr. David Jeremiah’s “Angels” in which he reveals the “real” purpose of angels through God’s word. This will delightfully prepare us for Karyn Henley’s Breath of Angel”, a fiction work about a young priestess who witnesses a gruesome murder. Finally the angel blog tour will conclude with Wendy Alec’s “Son of Perdition” Book 3 of The Chronicles of the Brothers.

Image Provided by Multnomah
Breath of Angel-Karyn Henley
Son of Perdition- Wendy Alec












So take a trip with me as I review, analyze, uncover, and explore this wonderful topic!


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