Upcoming Book Giveaways, Online Book Club, and Other Stuff…

There is much going on here on this blog. Lately I have been visiting more blogs, completing college papers, and reading awesome adventure stories which I have more to tell you about in a much later post. For now here is my Blogging “to do” list- which includes you of course 🙂

1.       Really soon, hopefully by April I will have pulled some books from my old bins and closet. Some books I have multiple copies of and are in brand new, never used condition. Others have been used but are in great condition. I will be sure to post these must have books during my April Giveaway.

2.       Ever read a really, really good novel or Self Help Book  by yourself but really wanted to share the discussion questions in back of book with someone? Well, during my giveaways I will be making sure to let you know which book we can discuss together online via my blog or email!

3.       If you have not already, I have some lonely reviews which have not yet been ranked. If you find the review helpful, pleasant, or drab, just be honest.



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