‘Midnight Sun’ treks across Alaska and Your Faith

Midnight Sun, Book 3 in Northern Lights SEries-Lisa Tawn Bergren

Lisa Tawn Bergren strikes gold with this one. The Northern Lights Series concludes with Midnight Sun following the Norwegian friends: Elsa Ramstad, Karl Martensen, Kaatje Janssen, and Tora Anders.  Here’s a snippet of my review…

Midnight Sun follows the first two books in the Northern Lights Series, and even in this final installment, readers are sure to be enthralled, appalled, and mesmerized all at once with Tawn’s impressive writing skill. Several things happen in this book:

  • Someone gets married.
  • Someone is severely injured.
  • Someone dies.
  • Someone is presumed pregnant.

The Story

Elsa Ramstad lost her husband to the turbulent seas in Book 2: Deep Harbor and must now raise their two kids on her own. Elsa discovered that Karl Martensen has secretly has loved her since they were children.

Rating: 5/5 stars.


WaterBrook Press for print and ebook formats.

Lisa Tawn Bergren website.


3 thoughts on “‘Midnight Sun’ treks across Alaska and Your Faith

  1. A belated thanks for reviewing this older title of mine, Erica! I generally love a series finale best, and MIDNIGHT SUN is no exception. 🙂 It should be out this year at a lower price and with a new cover, to match the new CAPTAIN’S BRIDE and DEEP HARBOR. Thanks for taking the time to read it and post a review–I appreciate you!

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