Waterfall and other books to review and an upcoming book giveaway!

March will be quite the busy month for me, but it will be an awesome time for you book lovers to receive great, inspiring, brand new books!

Waterfall, Book 1 of the River of Time Series-LisaTawnBergren.com

First things first. Ever hear of the Rivers of Time Series? If not, get ready, because Lisa Tawn Bergren, author of the children’s book God Gave us You, has written a Time Travel/YA series starring two sisters and an interesting trip to Italy. I wonder if I am ready for that adventure 🙂

A Slip in the Right Direction-Rachel Berry

Next up, another YA author(don’t you love the YA novel surge these days?) Rachel Berry has begun the Clifton Henderson series with Book 1: A Slip in the Right Direction. Here’s a 2 second snippet:

Fourteen-year-old Clifton Henderson aka Slip has witnessed and become unwillingly involved in a robbery by Chicago gang members. He’s back at home; reported the crime to the police, and is being questioned by a detective who wants to take him down to the station. His parents are not home, but in the streets anxiously looking for him …(snippet taken from The Clifton Henderson Series online). Interested yet? Me too!

Midnight Sun, Book 3 in Northern Lights Series-Lisa Tawn Bergren

Lisa Tawn Bergren’s books will join us again with Midnight Sun, which is Book 3 in the Northern Lights Series. For a brief review of these books, visiting this link will take you there. Midnight sun continues the life and journey of  a family from Bergen Norway and their trek to America. There were hardships, some joy, then pain..you have to read these. Anyhow, I will reviewing Midnight Sun and look forward to it.




Now for the Giveaway part

Here are the rules:

  • In order to enter contest, you must have a blog, website, or write for a site like Examiner, Suite101, you know the kind.
  • The giveaway will be announced with a deadline and the book(s) to be given away.
  • Make sure you reside in the U.S. (Sorry! Restrictions apply everywhere, even online, aaargh!)
  • To receive your book you must post a comment on my blog at www.thewriteweb.wordpress.com, or go to Connect with E.J for a list of places to post your comments.
  • I will draw a winner and receive your free book!

That being said none of the books in this post is eligible, I will definitely let you know in March which book(s) will be the giveaway.

Bless you all!


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