Homosexuality and the Christian, and your vote

There are plenty of books out there on the hardships and complexities of being homosexual. Just as there are many manuals on being a good Christian. But what about the middle ground people? Those who are homosexual and identify themselves as Christians?

Mark A. Yarhouse, PsyD. has researched and talked with people who considers themselves Christians. Without giving so much of this precious book away, I will say that it was engaging, enlightening, and it made me grab my bible for scriptures on love. This book receives 5 stars from me simply because of how well organized it was and the examples the author used from his real life counseling experiences.

So, in a nutshell, the book tries to answer these hot button questions:

*What causes homosexuality and same sex attraction?

*Can attractions or orientation change?

*What is sexual identity?

*What should we do if one of our friends opens up about their same sex attractions?

To answer the first question, there really is no cause. Although Yarhouse gives many respectable examples from actual research conducted in this area, even he admits that there is no compelling conclusions in this area.

Can attractions or orientations be changed? Well, not exactly. Yarhouse goes into detail about  the difference between attractions, orientation, and identity. For the homosexual who is also Christian, we must remind them that their identities in Christ is what matters most and forcing them to become heterosexual is a perplexing and hard thing to do.

Sexual identity is “mainly a sociocultural label that people use to label themselves”(Yarhouse, 2010, p.42). You don’t really want to confuse this with attraction and orientation. The book explains this more.

Lastly, and most importantly, what should we do as children of God if someone close to us announces they are gay?

Love them all the harder. This may be hard for those who see homosexuality as a sin, but most things heterosexuals do is a sin also. Like debauchery, lust, gossip, adultery…and so on. Another important thing to remember is that Christ loved all people, not because of their sexual orientations and attractions but because God made them.

If you have any questions about how to deal with sexuality issues at all visit www.sexualidentityinstitute.org

For more about Dr. Yarhouse and his studies, or this book’s purchase information in particular, please head to Bethany House

Book was provided by Bethany House Publishers for my unbiased review.

Quotes taken from, Homesexuality and the Christian by Mark A. Yarhouse

Take the poll below…What Would You Do?

If a friend were to come to you and say they are attracted to the same sex, what would your response be?


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