Tracking an Author Continues…New Speculative Series about Love and the Afterlife

Last year I began a tracking an author series following my methods of publication. This was not just to show off that I’m publishing a book. The blog posts were there to help those who were considering self publication as an option.

Well, I am now looking forward to my new series. A Speculative Fiction if you will that will ask the question “What if…” Books like these include Octavia Butler’s books, Tananarive Due, Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer and more. These authors can take a genre and make you believe this stuff can happen, if only for a moment.

 I feel privileged to have a laptop and a decent grasp of what goes into publishing a book. Last year, “The Prayer Monologues” was written, the book designed and distributed. You may now find it on But I have to go back to my first love which is fiction.

Today I pulled out my broke down journal and jotted down some more notes for my very interesting heroine. She has several flaws and one of them is thinking everyone else don’t have them. Well, she goes through a drastic, dramatic change that will rewrite everything she ever thought about love and the afterlife and she will meet interesting people along the way.

That same tattered notebook has notes on plenty of my Fanfictions as well. I may need to buy extras. Very important!

Marble Notebooks are the best. I need hundreds more of them!

Okay, so there is the concept. I will self publish this book as well. Feel free to ask me questions along the way. I enjoy feedback so much, its like taking in carbon dioxide. Please provide that element to me.

E.J. Smith


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