15 Things You Should Know By Time You Are 30


30 is the time to relax and then what? | Image by Peter Griffin

Here is a list I compiled after my husband and I had a conversation a few nights ago. Now, this list may not be reflected of everyone and I certainly can’t say I am sure about all things at 30, but it was fun to list. Check them out!

1.You should know that diet and exercise are GOOD things to do.

2.You should know by now the life mate you have chosen(or will choose if that’s in the stars for you).

3.You should know how to balance and manage your checkbooks, finances, etc.

4.You should know your own tolerance level of people.

5.You should know that what never gave you gas before…WILL.

6.You should know which family/friend to keep close and let go.

7.You should know if you have good or bad credit.

8.You should know your body’s clock(i.e. early to bed early rise)

9.You should know what to finance and what to own.

10.You should know if you are a new millennia person or retro.

11.You should know(or have an inkling) of what your passion(s) is/are.

12.You should know these 90’s shows whether you like them or not: Golden Girls, Martin, Friends, Doogie Howswer, M.D, 21 Jump Street,Growing Pains.

13.You should know that parts of your body right now may be fighting with gravity-“sag much”?

14.You should know how to communicate eloquently with your peers and superiors.

15.You should know you are a beautiful person.

*Any more things I should add? Let me know by connecting with me! Or simply post your comments below!


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