‘Flight of Shadows’ holds up well as a futuristic series


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Flight of Shadows is complete with memorable characters, twisted action, an plenty of suspense. It kind of reminds you of Dean Koont’s Fear Nothing of the Moonlight Bay Series and a bit of The Last Christian by David Gregory. The redemptive theme is there, some romantic tension is available also in this book and the writing was fast paced, but would it hold up as a good book?

Caitlyn Brown is in flight for her life. She has genetic code stamped in her blood which makes her impervious to sickness and disease…and the government wants her dead or alive. They will do anything to get this blood. Enter Billy and Theo whom Caitlyn apparently met in Part 1 of the series and they have been helping her while on the run as well. Then Razor enters the picture as the tall and handsome, but dangerous boy with as many tricks up his sleeves as he has secrets. Caitlyn is unsure whether she can trust him and this is evident by the internal dialogue she has with herself towards the middle-end of the book as his story begins to unfold a bit more.

Other characters such as Mason(the ruthless bounty hunter after Caitlyn apparently for some time now), Pierce, Holly, Charmaine, and Caitlyn’s father Jordan Brown are also mentioned in the book and apparently have major roles in Caitlyn’s life. My only problem is that I wish I have received Broken Angel: Book 1, before reading Flight of Shadows  because Caitlyn, Billy, and Theo has a past that I want to look further into. Even though the author does a good job of introducing the characters and keeping pace, reading the first book would help a bit. Brouwer also makes it obvious that he loves intertwining suspense with action, but a little more about Razor and chapters focused on chemistry between him and Caitlyn would have made me happier as I am still a sucker for romantic chemistry throughout a work.

All in all I am excited about this series as it does a remarkable job of foreshadowing what could happen in the future of America. The redemptive love and soul of Christ is evident throughout the pages without being seriously obvious.

This book can be classified as Unforgettable.

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