You’ve spent time building…now where’s your community?


One word. Four syllables.

What does community mean to you? Well, according to Merriam Webster, “it’s a unified body of individuals.” Or “people with common interests living in a particular area”. We can not help but have a community, and that appears to be the theme in the Octavia Butler books I’ve been reading for the past couple of weeks. Each person in her book is connected to some other somehow. Either psionically, biologically, or through some other genetic permutation. For instance, in her book, Clay’s Ark, a man falls to Earth in a crashed ship and learns he carries a disease from another planet, and that disease causes him to want to unite with other humans, especially if they are the opposite sex. The man finds himself building a community. A network of people of different races, career backgrounds, religions, etc. They survive if they stick together.

Okay, so how does that translate for social networking? I have discovered (and am continuously learning), that social networking sites like WordPress, Blogger, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and others can only survive if people congregate to the area. It kind of depresses me sometimes when I realize that posting on my blog or writing articles don’t usually increase my audience. Thus I have taken down several blogs because I was spending mornings and late nights posting and no answer. It’s like building a raft in the middle of nowhere. You’ve spent time building and sweating and toiling, then when you reach your destination, find that there are no existing human beings. No one answers to you at all.

No problem, because words still post, and people do still read. Comments are an added bonus that someone’s listening to you since normal feedback doesn’t take place via a blog post.


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