Book Review: Mind of My Mind

Mind of My Mind is book 2 in the Patternist series after Wildseed. In this book Doro is intent on creating a race of those like him to maybe, possibly take over the world. He fathered a child with a prostitute named Rina and she in turn gives birth to Mary. Out of all the other children being born to Doro and other latents, Mary displays an uncanny, unique ability which may possibly rival Doro’s.

Now here’s where the story gets complex, but thoroughly enjoying. Anyanwu(remember her from Wildseed? The shape shifter?) She now goes by the name of Emma, a healing woman in California and she houses and helps many latents and “actives” in her home.  Latents are those with potential abilities and actives have already gone through the transformation and know their power. In this story, Mary becomes Doro’s lover and protégé. Doro is also her father in a strange way. To explain this, Doro is a spirit who uses other people’s bodies as skin. So while he was in a white man’s body, he was able to father her as a mixed child with a black woman(or who I assume is African American, doesn’t matter at this point). Mary was born with green eyes and resembles Anyanwu some what.

So this brings us to Mary’s ability. In Mind of My Mind, Mary comes through transformation at the age of 19 and while speaking with her husband Karl(an arranged marriage by Doro), she finds that his mind is “tugging on hers” and eventually her telepathic powers seeks out other actives in close and far range-like a spider’s web being cast out. She even discovers that she can bring latents into their transformations by seeking them out as well. The only problem is that once she pulls you in, you belong to her and you can not live without her. Literally.

Doro finds out that Mary is just as powerful as he and wants her destroyed. She has formed her own little community of what she now calls “Patternists” at least 1538 of them! The cataclysmic battle between her and Doro appears at the end of the book. That is one battle that should appear in a movie. Seriously.

I found the book pleasing and so very difficult to get out my mind.


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