5 Ways to Have a Happy Thanksgiving No Matter What

publicdomainpictures.net/Petr Kratochvil

The time is here to eat be merry and spend time with your family. But wait! What about problems like conflict, no cooking ability, and losing focus of whats really important? Here are 5 ways to enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday no matter what!

1. If there are folks you can not stand, the simple thing to do, is to not spend the holiday with them, unless you have made the move to forgive one another to enjoy the goodness fo the holiday. Otherwise, spend time with folk you enjoy spending time with.

2. Planning on staying in for Thanksgiving? No problem. If you have a computer, there are awesome places tog et great recipes online like Betty Crocker Ideas, or Pillsbury Online.

3. Decorative homes are so cozy! Dollar Stores and other cheap places have the most abundant trinkets and designer plateware and glassware to make your home cozy and festive.

4. Thanksgiving Games to play? Try Scrabble, Life, or come up with neat ideas. Try this site for more.

5. Designate clean up categories. Everyone must pitch in. To avoid confusion, designate early who is to clean up what. The best thing to do is have food already prepared in aluminum pans and such which can be tossed away. Buy paper plates, utensils, and cups because these can be simply trashed as well.

As always, love yall and enjoy yourself the best you can.

God Bless,



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