Book Review Alert! ‘The Strategically Small Church’ offers big ideas

Image courtesy of Bethany House

The idea is not to think “small” but think while you’re a part of a close knit, small congregation.

‘The Strategically Small Church’ is not a manual on how to “purposely” make your church even smaller. Instead, Brandon J. O’Brien suggests we think outside of our traditional boxes. For instance, many pastors today are tending to think of the church as a place to draw consumers. What that usually entails are gimmicks designed to draw in various categories of people just to build up the physical numbers within the church. This is not to be so. We are all a part of the kingdom and should just be on a mission to win souls for God. Not people to the church.

O’Brien realizes that this may offend some people who are a part or who lead the mega churches. This is truly not his intent. There are humble pastors to be found in every church from big to small. Smaller churches, however have the advantage of family, they are missions driven, and have opportunities to link up with other churches for the greater good of the kingdom. Chapters included are:

1. See for Yourself: Reimagining Ministry Success

2. Downward Mobility: Four ministries Shrink for the Kingdom’s sake

 3. Keeping it Real: The Authentic church

 4. Keeping it Lean: The Nimble Church

5. The Work of the People: The Equipping Church

6. New Focus on the Family: The Intergenerational Church

7. Filling the Leadership Gap: The Training Church

8. Catch the Vision

In a nutshell, the book encourages laymen, pastors, and leaders to think of downsizing as an opportunity for greater outreach. This book will heal those souls who feel they have to have a large church in order to implement programs and be seen on television, yet the small churches such as those who meet in their homes and other places have no mortgages to pay on a church building, overhead, or have to hire cleaning services. The focus of the ‘strategically small church’ is the people.

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