Book Review Alert! ‘City on Our Knees’ by Toby Mac

Image provided by Bethany House Publishers

Toby Mac is a Grammy Award winning artist, producer, and songwriter. He’s the former member of the  hugely popular group, dcTalk . He has written a song, “City on Our Knees” about people stepping out of the lines of their comfort zone and doing the big things(or small) things for God because it does matter when we pray, it does matter when we care. It maters when we love.

The first reaction I had to this book was, “Oh my. I think I heard this story or that story before.”  I was hoping the book wouldn’t be a rehash of familiar people who have done great things in God’s name.

Thank God it was refreshing. Toby Mac has done a superb job of digging through the church histories and today’s current news about the old and the young climbing the wall of the impossible with grace and strength. Some stories gave me hope. Others had me thinking. Then there were some that I heard about but just didn’t know the full background until presented in this book.

Other enjoyable tidbits is that the book has this shiny, plastic cover wrapped around the hardback showing a city. Plus, at the end of each chapter, Toby offers us his one minute remix and a prayer at the end.

If you’re a fan of Toby Mac’s, you’ll appreciate his effort in this work and the unique way he has thrown together this book; you may also learn more about him. On the other hand if you are new to Toby and his world of Christian music, books, and media-you will instantly find this book a gem to share at church meetings, friends, and family.

*Book provided for review by Bethany House Publishers


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