Interview with River Jordan, the Southern roots gal

River Jordan is a critically acclaimed novelist and playwright. Her fourth novel, The Miracle of Mercy Land, a southern mystical work set in 1938 features a protagonist full of moxie and a ‘backbone of worthy’ in this suspenseful story about love, mystery, and the choices we make. Here is the delightful interview with the very talented, River Jordan.

Erica:Your writing and your characters are so true to their Southern roots and these are jewels in your books. In your opinion, does this breathe the life into your stories or another element? 

River Jordan: Oh there is no doubt that it breathes life into them. A very, southern, true as dirt life. And I think that experience really rings with an authenticity that comes from really growing up in the back woods of the rural south. 

Erica: What inspired you to write The Miracle of Mercy Land

River Jordan: At first, just an image of a man standing on an empty street with pages blowing about his feet. That image stayed with me for over a year. Then Mercy Land’s voice reached my ear and she began to tell her story. I started taking notes. 

Erica: I noticed how a couple of characters tried taking small steps to correct their past in Mercy Land-would you try to do the same thing? Why or why not? 

(the interview continues here)


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