Calling all picky readers in Norfolk! Are you wise not to court trouble?

This author needs no formal introduction. If you’ve encountered Maid to Match, have been Beguiled, or experienced A Bride in the Bargain, then author Deeanne Gist has definitely had her lady protagonists sitting on your bookshelf or lounging in your ebook readers.

Now, she is back with Courting Trouble. Essie Spreckelmeyer is not your typical lady ready to be courted. She rides a bike Peg, slides down banisters, and actually catches snakes! Essie’s mother and the whole town of Corsicana Texas wants Essie to get married, but at the age of thirty and in the time of 1894, who would want a woman with that much spunk and her own drumbeat to life? Essie decides to inquire about the eligible bachelors and works on a pro and con list of each. Is this the right way to go or will she just be courting trouble?

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