Top Ten Highest Paid Writers+Why They are Highly Paid

Writing is the hard part. Yet, it is even harder to make bestsellers lists at least once, and then even more difficult to keep your name on the bestseller lists. Here is the 2010 list of authors old(and new!) who are earning megabucks. For suspense reasons, I’ll start with the lowest to highest.

10. J.K. Rowling@10M(million)

9. Nichola Sparks@14M

8. John Grisham@ 15M

7. Janet Evanovich@ 16M

6. Dean Koontz@ 18M

5. Ken Follet@20M

4.Danielle Steel@32M

3. Stephen King@34M

2. Stephenie Meyer@40M

1. James Patterson@70M

So if you thought being a writer would be a “poor, listless job”- think again. These authors got their break somehow. I mean, we can’t all make megabucks writing, but here are some reasons why these writers may be making the the big bucks:

* They put in ample time writing. James Patterson has at least eight books a year coming out. He is very prolific!

* They base their stories on unique situations. Danielle Steele places her characters in real, but unique settings which tugs at our hearts. Stephenie Meyer chose a unique almost unheard of setting, a classic genre flavored with a new twist on the old legends of vampires(they sparkle and have no fangs!). How cool is that?

*Marketing and Publishers. Let’s be real. If us writers can choose our publishers and have them actually accept us on first trial basis, that’d be totally awesome. But that doesn’t happen. Stephenie Meyer submitted her story to at least 9 or 10 companies before Little Brown scooped her book up. She was determined. James Patterson is prolific and in my opinion Dean Koontz as well. But Patterson has his own commercials and a writing team to work with to help him out.

Here is my challenge to you: Keep writing, stay focused, and don’t let go of your passion. It is yours.




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