Reflect on families- a bond that should not be broken.

This topic hits close to home for me because family has always been a part of who I am. There is a special connection that begins with the bonding of families that if someone coerces you to step away from your family it can literally make you sick. Every family is not perfect. Just like we can’t expect individual perfection- you cannot expect family to be perfect either.

Then there are those families that prey on your soul. Diminishing your talents, critiquing all that you do, and who only loves you under certain conditions. This should not be so. God sends angels in all forms to tell us to let that negative one go and ushers us into the presence of God’s family where love and justice rules supreme, even while our flesh and blood families claim to know what is best for us.

For today, reflect on what the term family means to you. Afterwards, reflect on what your family means to you. If there is a family member you have not spoken to in a while, give them a call. Pay a visit. It will do your soul good.

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E.J. Smith


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