5 Things that are annoying to me. Part 1

Here my list of things that don’t hinder me from living my life and moving onward, but remains like a nasty scab attached to skin.

1. People who give pat answers to your life problems. These people rarely listen to what you have to say. They have their lives together and figure you are just too dumb to realize how good you’ve got it. They quote a scripture or a song to you and tell you to move it.

2. A fast food server who frowns when you return a soggy, cool burger back to them. I mean, was I supposed to like “rawhide with soggy tomatoes and a burnt bun?”

3. Women who wear a size 0-4 and complain that they need to lose more weight. I mean- really?

4. Going on Facebook and Twitter, responding to everyone else’s posts and find that I am not that popular to have someone peek and Tweet back…ah geez. Did I step on some toes?

5.  Netflix should stream ALL movies to PCs and other machines. Not just some.


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