Deeanne Gist explores how she plots her bestselling novels and more!

Below, you will find my most recent email-interview with none other than Deeanne Gist. Get excited! Read on!

Erica: After reading Beguiled I am certainly anxious to begin ‘Maid to Match’. Now, when you are creating your characters, are they already fleshed out in your mind, or does the story dictate what they do?

DG: With every book I spend a great deal of time creating a “back story” for my two main characters. In other words, I create a detailed timeline of their life starting from birth to the first page of the book. That way I know exactly what baggage they are bringing with them. This baggage effects every action and reaction they have and gives them more dimension. The timeline includes things as big as the death of a parent or as small as a voracious sweet tooth.

Erica: .What is your writing ritual like?

DG: I spend five months researching and plotting the book, five months writing the book and two months editing the book before I ever turn it in to my publisher.

Erica: Given that inspirational fiction is big right now among many readers, would you say that it will remain the same, or would more things be allowed? For instance, Christian Vampire series have now sprung up(Click here for more of this interview)


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